What do you bring to the mat?

Sharing time on the mats can be a joy in itself  (Boltezar,2018)

We all bring something to the mat. Knowledge, attitude, enthusiasm. We all share a thirst for knowledge for the arts and want to improve be it for next rank, submission, throw or nailing that high kick. What do you bring to the mat for others? Do you share your knowledge or guard is like a golem and the precious ring?

it’s mine


It’s important to share your knowledge, it builds the clubs skill level and we all improve, “The rising tide raises all ships”. Are you one of the first people to greet new members and offer yourself to train and assist them? Making new members feel at home builds and strengthens the club. Do you tag and upload images on social media? Sharing your story helps builds awareness of the club and what you do, your story is important. No-one has your story but you, but people will internalize it and reflect on it. Are you a team player? Do you wear the patch? do you bring friends in to grow the club? assist in demo’s or help clean up. All these actions make the difference between a member of a team and a customer.

A team, after all, is all members working together in pursuit of a goal.

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