Competition Training- As A Coach!

As an instructor,  we have many roles to play. Sometimes a competitor!  How do we find time to prepare for a competition and juggle all the important things that Coaches/Instructors have to deal with on a weekly basis. Time is limited and so will your preparation but here are some tips that I have found work for me.

  • Be specific- write down a gameplan and train for that game plan.
  • Be safe, as a coach you may be a little older, Injury is the enemy here is a link to some recovery time R.I.C.E Foam Rolling for Recovery and Injury Prevention.
  • Nutrition. Download a nutrition app that can help you get your macronutriants in order I like My Fitness Pal.
  •  Training Partners- Schedule one day a week for you at a minimum. If your unable to do that. Work your game plan and strategies into the normal class structure. Be careful to balance what your goals and students needs.
  • Solo training-conditioning,
    person holding barbell
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    research some conditioning methods or hire a PT sometimes it is nice to put yourself in the hands of others. Bag work, Footwork, mirrors, shodow boxing can help you if your a striker. now go get it done!

Good luck.



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