Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

 Carlos Machado and Craig Harmer

Carlos Machado Seminar

Last night some of the team from Goulburn headed toPure Jiu-jitsu Academy to share the mats with the wonderful Carlos Machado.  It is moments like these that we as a community must remember those that came before us. The giants of the art, The Gracies, Machado families have dedicated so much of their lives to the art and we who own Academies, study the art, have so much to be grateful for. Enjoying jiu-jitsu that has been handed down through the pioneers of BJJ that has reached you and that you benefit from.  Carlos is, of course, an 8th Degree Coral Belt Professor and a wonderful instructor I have always enjoyed his seminars. This is my 3rd seminar with Carlos and probably the biggest team I have been able to take and share the mats with him. The seminar was conducted at a friend’s academy, Tony Pycroft Pure Jiujitsu. Tony has a fantastic gym and welcoming mat culture and is a RCJ Machado member (My Academy is a Will/Machado affiliate) so I enjoy catching up with the family!

The content of the seminar dealt with some fantastic concepts of pummelling, standing in base, entries to takedown, breathing, flow rolling, not getting crushed, redirecting, shoulder shrimp, Zombie, surfing using level changes and hips to pass (Entire Body) to name a few.  I want to thank Carlos and Tony for a fantastic seminar and sharing the mats and journey that is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

RCJ Machado BJJ
Team Gmaa With Carlos Machado

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