Law Enforcement and Training

Recently I observed a shocking video of a Police Officer being choked by a what appears to be a 15 year old student. Students are recording the incident and you can hear laughter etc.

It begs the question, are our police officers and law enforcement in general trained appropriately to adequately safely do their role? It would seem the anser is no. I would like to challenge all state bodies to offer these courses and programs such as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. With the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC kids are watching these and getting out there and training with their friends. Kids that are as big as adults with poor attitudes and problems with authorities cause large problems at schools and in society as a whole. Bodies should keep those that put their lives on the line to keep the community safe, safe themsleves.

Recently juvenile corrections have come into the public arena as riots and stabbings have taken place.

My advice to all those on the front line. get on the mats and learn how to keep yourself safe. heck self defence lessons for you is tax deductible.

It’s a great time, come and learn some things that may keep you safe.


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