Craig Harmer

Hi, I’m Craig,


I am an avid martial artist and enjoy being fit and healthy. I enjoy teaching martial arts and I am studying to become a Secondary teacher. My passion is to help people try and reach their full potential. I am writing this blog in a hope to perhaps help others along the in their journey as well. here is the nuts and bolts of who I am, but of course there is more of me then meets the eye. Hopefully, you can get to know me along the journey.


Cert III in Conditioning Training
6th Dan Taekwon-Do (CHITF)
Brown Belt BJJ (Danny Weir-John B Will Will/Machado)

Qualified to Coach under the NSW Combat Sports Authority

Boxing, Kickboxing (Muay Thai), Mixed Martial Arts and other Martial Arts.                                                           Senior First Aid Certificate  Current working with children check.

Head Coach and Director of Goulburn Martial Arts Academy

Craig and all the instructors and team are dedicated to developing students just like you. helping you with, anxiety, confidence, self-control, self-defence, dealing with bullies, support, new friends…. are simply the most valuable thing you can benefit from at Goulburn Martial Arts Academy.



Craig is the most experienced combat sports coach in the Goulburn region. and you couldn’t find someone better for you to start your martial arts journey with.

Craig is a former Australian Representative and Coach for Taekwon-Do. Craig Has coached many students to national champions in TaekwonDo, Kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and had a successful competitive career winning. Craig continues to coach his team Successfully.

His competition credentials are too long to list so here’s just a few. Regional, state, national and International Championships as Black Belt.

Craig regularly competes in BJJ and has been lucky enough to medal at each competition he has entered thus far since 2012

Craig Has stepped on the competition mats over 200 times from taekwondo, no-gi grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

With mindset of we shall never rest until our good is better and our better is best.

Craig loves to upskill. Constantly attending and hosting seminars and  training with other high level martial arts instructors from Grand Master Robert Lai, Grand Master Phap Lu in Taekwon-Do,  Professor John B Will (First Australian BJJ Black Belt), Elvis Sinosic (Former UFC Fighter) & Danny Weir (Our Black Belt BJJ coach) Matt Daquino (Olympic Judoka) just to name a few.

My Academy  if you’re interested on youtube and web GMAA